Week Two Video & Worksheets

Password for the video is weektwovideo

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Week Two Slides


Weekly Planner Example


Weekly planner print-out (make 2 copies!)


Stealing Moments ebook


Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this week’s video. The video has a lot of stuff that I jump between, so after you watch it, here are the most important things for you to do, in order:

  1. Weekly planner sheet (current schedule)
  2. Weekly planner sheet (dream schedule)
  3. Make a list of ways YOU can save (“create”) time in your week and make sure to include in your planner.
  4. Read “Stealing Moments” if you haven’t already (It looks great on an ipad or laptop if you don’t want to print it!)
  5. Make a list of anything you might like to try (sling/carrier, bulk cooking recipe sites, organizing a babysitting co-op, etc) and investigate further
  6. Sign up for 750words.com to get your daily writing prompt (you don’t need to start writing 750 words a day just yet, this is just great to start cultivating a daily writing habit, and the stats it keeps are fabulous!)
  7. Typing test (I took this test and it was amazing, even to me, how quickly I can type! I’m not a touch typer by any means but I still type 50 WPM – that means it would take less than ten minutes for me to do my 750 words every day!)
  8. Calculate how many words you can write in an hour (be modest – it’s unlikely you’ll be typing flat-out for an hour at a time)(Mine would be 3000 words but as I need time to think as well, I’ll make my hourly word count 1500 words)
  9. Have a look at the article I posted below about general word counts and see which one applies to your work.
  10. Choose a word count for your novel. (eg 70,000 words)
  11. Calculate how many hours a week you are able to write for (eg 3 hours spread across 6 days)
  12. Calculate how long it will take for you to reach 70,000 words (eg 3 hours/week @ 1500 words/hour = 4500 words per week.)
  13. Calculate how many weeks it will take you to write your novel draft (eg 70,000/4500 words per week = 15 weeks

alernatively, if all of this calculating freaks you out, set a daily word goal instead.

Eg 1000 words a day, 6 days per week = 6000 words.

Weeks to reach 70K words = 12 weeks

My draft deadline would then be December 21st, 2013.

What’s your deadline? Share it in the forums once you’ve calculated it!

PS If I’ve lost you with all of this, just drop me an email and we can figure it out together. Don’t be shy! jessica@thecreativemumma.com :)



Handy Guide to Genre word counts (Writers Digest  – external website)

750words.com (external website)

Typing Test (external website)


This week is massive so please don’t feel overwhelmed! Remember to go at your own pace and have fun with it. If you need to spread the homework over 2 weeks, DO IT! :)